First impressions count. At See Creative I build brand designs that articulate an overarching impression of your business, its principles and standards, ethics and ideals. I help you start the conversations with your audience.

I’ve been in this business a little while now and I know how important first impressions are. Brand design and visual communication are at the heart of connecting with your audience. Think about all the brands we interact with everyday, we are bombarded with communication so it is crucial when getting your brand image out there that it forms the desired impression straight up.

We need to make sure your core customers recognise the business is for them and are compelled to engage and learn more.

At the core of See Creative’s philosophy is the need to focus on getting your message across to your audience, through visual communication, the moment your brand is presented.

Tell me, how do you see yourself?

At See Creative I want you to be proud knowing your brand and its identity are not just consistent across all the materials you produce, but are strategic in their intention to communicate with your ideal audience persona.

Ask yourself, how do you feel today about the presentation of your company? Does your current brand match your company beliefs? How do your customers perceive you? Have you got a brand image that is moving you towards your goals? Does your brand represent your point of difference?

You know your business inside out, let’s make sure your brand reflects this!

Seeing is believing!

That’s where I come in. See Creative will work closely with you, as an extension of your business team, to develop strategic branding and identity design that gives the right impression to your audience each and every time.

  • At See Creative I pride myself on my ability to glean an insight into your business to identify your desired outcomes.
  • At See Creative I’ll stay focused on effectively communicating the messages you wish to express to customers throughout the design process.
  • At See Creative I promise to build a strategy WITH you and develop this into a well-branded communication piece far beyond any original vision you may have had.

By working subtle elements into your brand using colour, clean and consistent layouts, strong typography, interwoven graphics and imagery, we’ll conjure up a mix of visual ingredients that work in harmony to help qualify, in a split second, the message you need to convey.

ENVISAGE. your desired outcome

To ensure I gain a clear vision of your business, I conduct a brand discovery session. This is a session designed to clarify your purpose (your WHY), understand your audience (your WHO) and set the goals to achieve your brands desired outcome.

The discovery session helps you envisage who you are today and where you would like to be, so that I can help you create the best overall “impression” for your business. I ask you a number of pertinent questions about your brand which in turn helps you to articulate the purpose and intentions of your brand, its key message and positioning and ensures that we keep our eyes on your end goal.

I'm ready, let's do this!

FOCUS. on the message

By gaining an insight into your company, its unique selling proposition and the core benefits of your products or services, I will effectively help you represent your own unique sets of attributes throughout your brand communications.

Following the discovery session, I focus on translating the deliverables into a distinct set of visual communications that stay focused on the key message at all times. These will include brand identity systems, logo design, branded communications, website design etc.

During the focus phase we will devise and weave together a unique set of creative brand elements that will leave a crystal clear imprint on the mind of the beholder.

REALISE. results

At all times See Creative will adhere to managing your project in an efficient and timely manner. I will quote your branding project upfront and where possible, outline the entire process so that there are no surprises. I will touch base with you often, so that you always know where everything is at. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable and confident with the final outcome of your brand discovery and design. Brands are living things so open communication between us is paramount to realising a successful result.

Most importantly I will ensure that at all times the final output ties back to your brand values and key messages.

Perception is everything – let me help your business start real conversations with your core customers

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